"A Brother's Love"
by Janie Jaded

The three bands filed out into the parking lot, sweaty, tired, and smelling of alcohol and cigarettes. The gig in Tampere went off without a hitch, and all three bands had a great time. With all the work they had been doing lately, it was so nice to kick back with good friends and have a beer. Unfortunately for the guys, though, the bars closed "early" and they were sent packing. Since Private Line would have to travel two hours to get home, and it was already two in the morning, they agreed to stay with members of the other two bands.
While everyone broke apart and said goodnight, Jack hooked a ride with Christus and his brother.
"You sure you can drive?" Matthau asked with a chuckle, watching as his brother flopped into the car.
Jack climbed in the back and zoned out as Christus started the car. He closed his eyes and listened to the clinking of Christus's bracelets, and the low, baritone murmurs of Matthau's voice as he spoke quietly to Christus. Jack's eyes slowly closed, and the laughter of Matthau and Christus started to fizz out to a static, and then silence.
He awoke with the sudden jolt of the car, and his eyes snapped open.
"We're here!!!" Christus yelled, making sure Jack was fully awake. Jack groaned and climbed out the car, leaning on Matthau for support as they walked up to the front door. Christus unlocked the door, and they all filed in. Jack and Christus headed for the bedroom while Matti B-lined it for the bathroom. Inside the bedroom, Christus peeled away his tight "marijuana" shirt and stripped out of his pants. Jack blinked and stared when he realized that Christus was now bare ass naked, wandering around his room. He stepped over a pile of clothes, and then bent down to shuffle through them. Jack watched as Christus sniffed an article of clothing, then tossed it to the side. He damn near jumped out of his skin when he heard Matti's voice directly behind him.
"Put it away, Chris!" He joked, flopping onto the bed. Jack noticed that Matthau was shirtless, and his pants were undone. He had a handful of cherries, which he set down on a napkin on the side table. Christus pulled on a pair of clean boxers and crawled into bed next to Matti. They both looked at Jack, and Jack cleared his throat before he started to undress himself. He felt his cheeks turn red and the slight bulge between his legs harden. Quickly he climbed in-between the two.
"..Are.. we all sleeping together tonight?" He asked shyly.
"Yep!" Replied Matti.
"Matti and I shared a bed for five years, but he still insists on sleeping next to me when he comes over." Christus teased, and Matti threw a cherry at Christus.
Matti turned off the light and laid down, sighing deeply.
"Just like old times..." He mused.
"Yeah... Hey! Remember when we told each other stories at night?"
"Yeah!" They both giggled, and Jack couldn't help but smile.
"We also did hand puppets with your little flashlight you had, remember? It was Batman!"
Both men started to laugh wildly at the thoughts of their childhood, and all Jack could do was listen and smile at the stories. Suddenly, he felt pressure against his left side, which was the side Christus was on. He felt his arm go across his stomach, and he looked at where Christus would be, though all he saw now was darkness.
"Remember when we started to get curious?" Christus purred.
"Mmm..." Was all Matti said. Jack swallowed hard.
"Wh--what did you do?" He asked nervously.
He felt Matti look at him. "We did a number of things. At first, when we were about eight or nine, we touched ourselves separately in either mine or Christus's room, taking in the sensations we got when we did it."
Christus continued. "When we got older, we had cum-running Contests." Both started laughing again.
"Yeah! Who ever came first was the winner!" Matti laughed. Jack did, too.
"And at about fifteen, we started to wonder what it felt like to be touched by other people." Matti said before Christus continued.
"And, since we were young and dorky, we had no one to experiment with... except ourselves."
Jack felt Christus's arm move, and then he felt Matti shift up against his side.
"You never did anything like that, did you, Jack?" Asked Christus. All Jack managed to do was shake his head, but Matti and Christus must have seen it, because both men pressed against him. He felt Christus's hand move to his stomach, and Matti's finger circle his nipple.
"Wanna try?" Matti purred sweetly into Jack's ear. Jack swallowed hard and managed a weak "Mmm..."
He felt warm breath on his left nipple, Christus's side, and then the warm, wetness of the older mans mouth on his chest. He felt Matti's lips gently press against his own, felt his own tongue slide out to meet Matti's in the air. They swirled together slowly, rolling around each other, tasting, teasing, before Matti gently suckled Jack's tongue. Christus had abandoned Jack's nipple, and was now sucking gingerly on his neck while his skilled fingers worked the button of his pants undone, followed by the zipper. Christus's mouth found it's way to Jack and Matti's, and Matti pulled away from the sensual tongue kiss with Jack and continued it with Christus. Jack watched as Christus suckled Matti's tongue. Matti took the warm pink muscle into his mouth, and the two came closer together as their lips pressed together in a long, deep kiss. Jack was so caught up in watching them kiss, that he barely felt Christus's long fingers wrap around his hard cock, but when he did, he gasped, and closed his eyes. He heard Matti and Christus break their kiss, and again felt warm lips on his nipple. This time they belonged to Matti. Jack arched his back up, wanting more of Matti's teasing mouth, wanting more of Christus's grasping fingers. He moaned as Christus quickened his pace, his hand working his cock up and down, squeezing every now and again to add a kind of rippling, pulsing sensation which nearly sent Jack over the edge. Just as he started to reach his climax, he felt Christus's hand leave him. He whimpered and opened his eyes, and was shocked at what he saw. Both men had taken off their pants at some point, and Matti was bent over him, and was slowly sliding his tongue up the length of Christus's cock. He swirled his tongue around the head, and then took it in his mouth. Somewhere deep down, he knew this was wrong on twenty different levels, but arousal was a funny thing, and in this state, seeing two men engage in sex was the hottest fucking thing Jack had ever seen; brothers or not. Christus arched back and supported himself with his hands, slowly rocking himself deeper into Matti's willing mouth. Jack took his own cock and started to stroke it hard and fast as Matti sped up. Christus closed his eyes and listened to the sound of Matti's working mouth, the sounds of Jack's heavy, rushed, panting breath. When he felt Matti pull away, he crawled to the bottom of the bed and pulled Jacks pants off. He then bent down and took Jack's cock into his mouth, sucking slowly at first, teasing him. Matti crawled up behind Christus and bent forward. He exposed Christus's entrance and slowly swirled his tongue around it, which caused Christus to moan around Jack's cock. Jack arched his hips up and gripped the sheets. Matti slid a finger into Christus, and Christus quickened his pace on Jack. Again, right before Jack could cum, he felt Christus's mouth leave him. He opened his eyes and looked at the two men. Matti and crawled up beside Christus, and they were both kneeling, engaged in another passionate kiss. Jack sat up and leaned forward, wrapping his hand around Matti's cock before bringing it fully into his mouth. Matti whimpered and looked down, running his fingers through Jack's hair. Christus crawled behind Jack and pushed him onto his hands and knees. He slid a finger deep inside Jack, causing Jack to momentarily pull away from Matti. Once he got used to the feeling, Christus removed his finger and positioned his cock at Jack's entrance. Matti ran his hand up and down Jack's back, watching his brother slowly push into the Jack. Jack gave out a quick yelp, but Matti soothed him quickly.
"Shh... relax baby.." He whispered, giving Jack a soft kiss on the lips. Jack whimpered and did his best to relax. Matti continued to soothe him as Christus, as gentle as ever, slowly pushed in and out of him. When Jack felt he was ready, he took Matti's cock back into his mouth, making Matti moan and arch his back at the sudden suction of Jack's skilled mouth. Christus gripped Jack's hips and pulled him back as he quickened his pace, now quickly pushing in and out of Jack. He watched as Jack sucked on Matti's cock, watched Matti moan out and pull on Jack's hair, watched him arch back and yell out as he came hard into Jack's mouth. He grunted and quickened his thrusts to an impossible speed as Jack milked Matti for every last drop he could get. By now, Jack was ready to cum for the third time tonight, and it only took a few skilled jerks from Matti before a screaming orgasm came forth, at the same moment that Christus came hard inside him. Both of them yelled and moaned, and finally fell to the bed, fighting for control over their rasping breaths. Matti laid on Christus's chest, and Christus raked his fingers through the younger mans hair. Jack, too, laid on Christus's chest, and Christus cradled him gently.

They laid in blissful silence for what seemed like eternity. When Jack looked up, he saw Matti had fallen asleep. He tilted his head up, and Christus smiled at him, and kissed his forehead.
"Sleep now, baby..." He whispered, and Jack closed his eyes and drifted into a sound sleep.

~The End~