"Another Man's Arms"
by Janie Jaded

"Fine!!" Screamed Sammy. He grabbed his jacket and left his house, slamming the door. He crunched through the snow and entered his car, starting it up and peeling out of the driveway and onto the road.
Things at home were horrible. All the work he had been doing lately had him spending too much time away from his wife, and she had found comfort in another mans arms. Sammy had been surprised, but he wasn't upset. Not knowing why this didn't bother him was what made him really upset, and caused him to storm out of the house in a rage.
But now on the road, he didn't know where to go. Jack's house was out of the question; Jack had thrown a party and Sammy was sure Jack and his guests were passed out, or drunk. He racked his brain for someone he knew that would listen to him, maybe give him a reason.. or some comfort, and came up with one name; Jonne.
But he was in Helsinki, and Jonne lived in Tampere; some 107 miles away. He calculated quickly in his head. Did he want to travel damn near two hours just to be held by Jonne? He shook his head; who said anything about holding? He took a deep breath and made up his mind -- he didn't have anywhere else to be tonight.
By the time he rolled into Jonne's driveway, it was 1:30 in the morning. He didn't see any lights on in the house, but he mustered his courage and went to the front door, knocking. On the third knock, he saw a light switch on, followed by the outside light. He squinted as the door opened, and was greeted with the sight of a shirtless, half asleep Jonne. Damn, he looks cute.
"Wha--?" He yawned. "Sammy! What are you doing here?"
"Eh.. Sorry to wake you, Jonne..." Sammy must have looked like he hadn't slept in weeks judging by the way Jonne was looking at him.
"Are you okay? You look like shit." Sammy snorted. "Come in.." Jonne opened the door more and let Sammy in. He shrugged off his jacket and kicked off his shoes. Jonne led him into his bedroom and pulled him onto his bed.
"What happened?"
Sammy sighed and went into the whole story of how he had been working too much, and his wife was sleeping with another guy. Jonne was a good listener. He shook his head and remained quiet, petting Sammy's back and tucking his hair behind his ear. When Sammy finished, he looked to Jonne, who looked thoughtful.
"...You drove two hours to tell me this?" He was smiling slightly. Sammy sighed and played with Jonne's sheets.
Sammy blinked. "I dunno..." He admitted quietly, almost childlike before blushing. Jonne laughed.
"What?! My wife is fucking another guy and all you can do is laugh?!"
Jonne stifled his laughter and leaned in towards Sammy. "No, it's not that.."
"Then what?" Sammy was confused. Jonne grinned and closed the gap between them, and before Sammy could do anything, he felt Jonne's lips brush his own. He took in Jonne's tongue eagerly before realizing what he was doing. He pushed Jonne away and scrambled to his feet.
"Wh--?" was all he managed to get out. Jonne, though he looked a bit shocked, scooted to the edge of the bed and set his hands on Sammy's waist. He pulled him closer, and Sammy felt his feet move, even though his brain was telling them not to. A shiver ran down his spine and gave him goosebumbs. Jonne's long fingers slid up Sammy's shirt, and he leaned in to kiss Sammy's exposed stomach, swirling his tongue around his bellybutton before moving down, gently nipping at Sammy's hipbone. Sammy's fingers started to graze over Jonne's hair as Jonne worked his way up Sammy's body, finally pushing his shirt off over his head. Jonne took Sammy's face in-between his hands and leaned in, tracing Sammy's lips with his tongue. Sammy parted his lips a little, but offered no more indication that Jonne should move any further. Much to Sammy's unspoken delight, Jonne ignored it and gently pushed his tongue into Sammy's mouth, curling it then sliding it back out to run over his bottom lip. He repeated this until Sammy finally took Jonne's tongue into his mouth, suckling on it gently. Soon their lips and tongues were engaged in a passionate batter, Jonne's fingers working Sammy's pants, and Sammy's fingers pushing Jonne's shirt up.
They both fell to the bed naked, Jonne on top of Sammy. Sammy watched as Jonned kissed back down his chest, trailing his tongue down his stomach, hip, and inside of his thigh. He moaned when he felt Jonne's warm, shaky breath on the head of his hard cock, and drew in a sharp breath that made his chest puff out when he felt his cock enter Jonne's wet, warm mouth. Jonne began to suck, slowly at first, swirling his tongue around. Sammy arched his hips, pushing himself to the back of Jonne's throat. Jonne moaned and quickened his pace, sucking on the tip of Sammy's cock while his hand worked the rest of his shaft. Sammy moaned and bucked into Jonne's mouth and to the back of his throat. Jonne whimpered and pushed on Sammy's hips, trying to pin them to the bed. Sammy, who was stronger then Jonne in this position, forced his hands away. Jonne gagged once, twice, three times before he had to pull away, coughing. He wiped the tears from his eyes and regained his breath. Sammy felt Jonne mount him and lifted his head off the pillows, looking to Jonne. Jonne smiled and reached in back of him, grabbing Sammy's cock and positioning it. Sammy opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out except a moan when he felt himself enter Jonne. Jonne closed his eyes and rolled his head back as he started to ride Sammy. Sammy squeezed Jonne's hips, digging into the warm flesh he felt there. He arched his back up until he was sitting up, holding Jonne's body with one arm, supporting himself with the other. Jonne continued to ride Sammy, tightening around him as he did so. He arched his back over Sammy's arm, moaning loudly. Sammy bent forward a bit and took in one of Jonne's nipples, sucking hard. He bit and gently pulled on Jonne's nipple ring, causing Jonne to yell out. Jonne rolled his body back against Sammy's, burying his head in Sammy's neck. Sammy sucked on Jonne's ear and bucked his hips up to meet Jonne's rhythm.
They both moaned and panted, rocking in tune to each others' bodies until Sammy took in a deep breath.
Jonne breathed heavily into Sammy's ear. "Cum for me, baby.."
Jonne's permission was all he needed, and he came hard into Jonne. Jonne yelled out, a mix between a whine and a moan as his body stiffened and he, too, came, mixing his cum with the sweat on his and Sammy's stomach as their bodies rolled together.
Their sweaty, tired bodies fell to the mattress in a tangle of limbs. They held each other close, their fingers entwined with each others. As Sammy regained his breath, he couldn't help but smile. I found comfort in a mans arms.

~The End~