"Goodbye Sandman"
By K-Bunny

Yeehaw!”, you yell out, and leap onto the bed. Thank God it’s been built properly. Wouldn’t want to end up landing on the floor one night, now, would we?
Thanks for letting me crash for the night, doll.”, you say, exhaling heartily. Oh boy, i just love it when you have exactly half a drink too many, and then your eyes start crossing as you try to focus.
Well, it’s not that you actually intended to catch the last train back home, right?!”, I comment. You smirk. Such a wicked thing, you are. We nestle in and tell each other goodnight, sleeptight. Sleep is definitely desired here, and it doesn’t take much awaiting it, but still... A few minutes of listening to your slow breathing are all it takes to let me drift off into the blank with a content smile on my face.

I try to brush away the blue coin-sized fly from my chest. It’s like trying to touch a hologram, my hand passing right through it, the fly re-materializing, only now in a deep shade of red. I try to brush it away again, same thing. Try to brush it away yet again. This time, my hand manages to hit something. that wasn’t a fly though? I try to open my eyes, contemplating the light filling the room. I’ve lived here all my life, but still can’t seem to get accustomed to those bright summer nights. I curse my own lack of managing to buy proper blinds for the bedroom window in all those years of having lived in this flat. I blink, and only see a blur of ivory and shades thereof.
...?!”, I exclaim, my vocal chords clearly failing to fulfil their deed. I slowly turn my head sideways to face the watch. Digital 05:13, and the dots are blinking, blinking, blinking. Annoy. Turn my head back and slightly lift it off the pillow to examine the ivory fly, still circling my nipple.
Eyes, blink, focus.
The blotch of shady ivory turns into your finger, relentlessly teasing, causing my spine to tingle.
Throat, clear, talk.
Whhh…?!”. Half successful, at least.
Eyes, blink, focus.
Your face appears right behind your finger, your eyes half closed, tracing its circular path around my nipple. Your lips cradle a smile.
Throat, clear, talk.
Close my eyes again.
The tingle that gently crawls down my spine is starting to unnerve me, as is the pain in my neck. Let my head fall back on the pillow, hoping you’ll read my thoughts telling you to stop waking me up. I’m being misunderstood though, most obviously. Your thumb and index finger squeezing my nipple was clearly not what I had in mind. I sharply draw my breath, and yet again I’m being misunderstood, your fingers are being replaced by your lips. I moan. You reply with a lick of your tongue. Damn.
Goodbye Sandman’, I think to myself.
Goodbye Nipple’ is what you seem to think, because your mouth is now southbound.
Goodbye Goosebumps’, I pray.
'Goodbye Underwear’ is what your teeth seem to think, because they are tugging at the little piece of cloth on my hips.
I feel all but inclined to move and lift my hips. Here’s the deal: you wake me up, you work. Your hands join in, helping your teeth. Such talented hands. I start feeling dizzy, and realize I’ve been holding my breath ever since you started tracing my underwear's path all the way down to my ankles with the tip of your tongue.
Lungs, inhale, exhale.
Seems like that’s right what you’d been waiting for, I feel you crawling back up towards the head of the bed, towards my head, my face, my lips.
Lips, purse, kiss.
Lips, purse, kiss, my body demands, but still you don’t comply.
I open my eyes, only to meet yours.
Throat, clear, talk.
Oh, you tease!”, I mutter, pouting.
Oh, yes!”, you whisper, putting on a devilish grin.
Lips, part, kiss.
Oh finally!
You taste of sleep and lust.
No, wait, stay up here! Don’t take those lips away from mine, don’t place them... down... there...!
Mmm... Christus...”, I draw a sharp breath.
I am still not inclined to move, but my hips seem to have a mind of their own anyway, as it seems, trying to meet the rhythm of your hands, such skilled squeezing, stroking, such exquisite fingering, fumbling. I twitch. Your hands get a grip on my waist, pinning me down to the matress, rendering me unable to buck and writhe. Fine, now that I am willing to move you just won’t let me. Single strands of your hair brush the inside of my thighs. I gasp. You really do seem to enjoy this kind of torture, don’t you?! - reducing the pace of your kissing, licking, nuzzling, sucking down to Unbearably Slow.
I want to moan but don’t dare. What if you get it all wrong again and stop doing what you’re doing?
I want to moan but don’t dare. I might miss hearing the small sounds you make, almost like humming the soundtrack to the sinful things you do to me.
I don’t want to moan but can’t help it, as my fingers clutch the sheets.
I don’t want to moan but can’t help it, as my fingers grip your shoulders.
I don’t want to moan but can’t help it, as my fingers dig into your skin, my back arching, my head spinning, my sense of reason stumbling off into oblivion, my mind waving a final goodbye.

I snuggle up to you, rest my head on your shoulder.
Mmm...”, I run my hand down the side of your chest, “you smell of sin.
Mmm...”, you run your hand through my hair, “so do you.
"Mmm...”, I pick up on the little game, “I wonder if you also taste of sin?”
Mmm...”, you purr, the whisper almost inaudible, “why don’t you try and find out, Jack?!

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