"Just Let Me Love You"
By alatariel3


Jonne’s eyes flew open, startled out of his meditation by a hand on his shoulder. He had been lying in the corner of the room they had been given backstage, trying to calm down before the show. Now here was Larry, crouched next to him, looking slightly concerned.

Jonne sat up and pulled off his headphones, feeling his stomach lurch uneasily when he heard the crowd cheering and yelling. Jonne looked into Larry’s eyes, wondering what he wanted.

“Jonne, are you okay?”

Jonne nodded slightly. He didn’t really want to open his mouth or move much, afraid his stomach would revolt completely.

Larry toyed with Jonne’s hair, pushing it back away from his face and smoothing down where it was sticking out from him lying on the floor. “We need to go on now. Are you going to be okay?”

Jonne blushed a little when he realised Larry was thinking he would be sick, like he used to be back when they were younger and he was sick before every concert. Well, now he was older, he had been doing this longer. Besides, he was moving up in the world, this was their first show outside of Finland and he couldn’t let himself be known for being sick before every show if he was going to be a famous rock star. “I’ll be fine,” he said, pushing himself off the floor as Larry stood.

Larry smiled, seeing that Jonne was feeling a little better, and wrapped his arm around the smaller man, leading him to the stage where the rest of the band and a crowd of screaming Japanese fans were waiting.

Jonne finally settled down a little as he walked out on stage with Larry’s arm around him, hearing Christus say something to the crowd about here they were. Larry pushed him to the microphone and left him there, going to retrieve his guitar and begin the first song. Jonne gulped a few times, feeling a little lightheaded, and focused on reading his setlist, trying to remember the first song. Then Larry strummed the first chords of Naďve and Jonne began singing.

The rest of the concert went by in a blur and Jonne could only remember bits and pieces. Wandering all over the stage, jumping up and down, kissing Larry and Christus to the amusement and excitement of the Japanese teenagers. He had danced and spun, putting on a show the only way he knew how, singing the songs with the emotions they should be sung with, trying desperately to get the children to like him. The children, some of whom were older than he was.

Finally it was over, even the encores and the autograph signings were all over and Jonne was walking down a long hall, one arm slung behind Larry’s back, the other behind Christus’s as they walked with their arms thrown over his slender shoulders to the van that would take them to the hotel.

Exhausted, Jonne climbed into the van, sitting between Christus and Larry, shivering a little in the crisp night air now that he was finally cooling down from the show. Jonne leaned his head against Christus’s shoulder, feeling his friend wrap an arm tightly around him as he let his band mates post concert conversations swirl around him while he just rested, trying to stay awake long enough to make it back to the hotel.

He didn’t succeed though and a few minutes later he was being shaken awake. “Jonne, Jonne, we’re here.”

Jonne sat up, blearily following his friends to the elevator and leaning against the wall as they traveled up to their rooms. Everyone looked tired, though not quite as tired as he was, and ready to take a quick shower and go to bed.

Jonne said goodnight to Larry and Snack and pushed his door open, yawning sleepily. He wanted to go straight to bed but he knew if he did without a shower to wash off the concert sweat he would wake in the middle of the night feeling sick and now he just wanted an entire nights worth of sleep to get rid of the stress of the flight, the concert, and the coming record signing.

Jonne took a quick shower, not even bothering to clean off his makeup, then toweled off his hair and fell into bed, curling up under the covers and hugging a pillow to his chest. He was ready to sleep, exhausted to the point of passing out, but laying there in the dark Jonne suddenly couldn’t sleep, couldn’t stand to be alone. Not in this strange country where he didn’t know anyone. The oppressive silence was threatening to close in and Jonne jumped out of bed, quickly grabbing a pair of jeans and sliding them on before grabbing his room key and taking off down the hall in his bare feet. Before his brain could catch up and tell him he was being silly Jonne knocked on Larry’s door, wrapping his arms around himself while he waited.

After a few moments Larry opened the door, dressed only in a towel, his hair still sopping wet as it dripped water down his chest and arms. “Jonne, you okay?” he asked, stepping to the side to let Jonne in.

Jonne gave a quick nod and darted in, jumping into the bed and pulling the covers up to his chin. Larry smiled gently and went to finish toweling off. He was used to Jonne’s occasional freak outs and knew by now how to deal with them. As he brushed his hair Larry wondered if Jonne ever went to one of the other guys during one of these episodes, or if it was just him Jonne went to for comfort when being a big boy became too much work.

Jonne was curled completely under the covers, waiting for Larry when he came out of the bathroom. Larry smiled at the lump in his bed and shut out the lights, leaving the bathroom one on, knowing Jonne would be happier with it on. He slipped into bed next to Jonne, not bothering with clothes and just dropping his towel on the floor next to the bed. He settled in, wrapping his arms around Jonne and holding him. There was never any telling what sort of mood Jonne would be in when he got like this, sometimes he was like a child. Sometimes he fell asleep straight away and slept the whole night through soundly, waking up rested and happy and making Larry feel proud that he could help his best friend get that sort of comfort.

Jonne rolled over under the covers, facing Larry and pulling the blanket down so it was no longer covering his head. Leaning forward he pressed his lips against Larry’s chest, kissing him lovingly. “Make love to me Larry?”

Sometimes when he was lonely and scared Jonne came to Larry to have sex and after they would sleep together until morning but then Jonne always put on his rock star mask pretended nothing had happened. Larry wished there was more to what they were doing than just comfort and sex but if that was what he could get that was what he would take.

Larry smiled at Jonne, tangling his fingers in the blonde and brown locks of his best friend and kissing his forehead. “Sure, sweetheart.”

Their movements were slow and graceful as they moved under the covers, Larry unbuttoning Jonne’s pants and helping him push them off. They just lay together for a moment, pressed as close as they could get with their arms wrapped around one another while they kissed.

Larry rolled Jonne onto his back without breaking the kiss, laying on top of the smaller man and slowly grinding against him. He was teasing them both, feeling Jonne’s penis get harder against his thigh as his hands roamed around Jonne’s body, teasing a nipple, playing in his hair, brushing teasingly up and down Jonne’s sides. After a few minutes of that Larry felt Jonne’s legs draw up, wrapping around his waist as Jonne ground against Larry harder, trying to get the pressure he needed.

Larry rocked against Jonne, turned on even more by his friend’s breathy moans of pleasure as he did. He felt himself drawing closer to the edge, nearly to the point of coming, but he shifted away from Jonne before he could, moving down the other man’s thin body and resting his head against Jonne’s thigh.

Jonne made a high pitched whine, pleading Larry to touch him, touch his penis, anything. Smiling, Larry did, raining gentle, teasing kisses all over Jonne’s pelvis. Jonne whined again, raising his hips and pulling on Larry’s hair, trying to get him to do something more, something that would bring him off. Chuckling a little Larry pushed Jonne’s hips back down into the bed, then took the straining, hard, leaking penis in front of him into his mouth.

Jonne yelped, though it wasn’t loud enough for Larry to worry about disturbing someone else, and tried to push into Larry’s mouth again, though he couldn’t since Larry was still holding him down. Instead Jonne tossed his head, his hair falling over his face and spraying out over the pillow, and his fingers tightened in Larry’s hair. “Please Larry, I need it, come on, come on, please…” His mumbles were almost incoherent but Larry knew what he wanted and gave it to him, sucking as hard as he could until Jonne’s length was completely engulfed, then swallowing around the thick length, humming and trying not to concentrate on the fact that he couldn’t breathe.

Jonne came with a small shout and a burst of furious bucking that almost pulled him out of Larry’s grasp, his hot seed spilling down Larry’s throat. Larry swallowed, letting Jonne’s limp penis fall from his mouth and moving up to kiss his best friend.

Jonne lay exhausted and panting, his eyes nearly slipping shut and taking him off to sleep before his forced them open again. He looked down his own body to where Larry was knelt between his legs, completely bare, his penis standing hard and proud.

Jonne reached down, catching Larry’s arm and pulling him up into a kiss. Larry kissed back enthusiastically, rocking against Jonne needily.

Jonne could taste himself on Larry’s tongue, in his mouth, and the taste reminded him of countless other times when they had done this exact same thing. He knew what was supposed to happen next too, what Larry would do, and he gave a little whine of anticipation, wanting to feel Larry buried deep inside him.

Feeling Jonne squirm beneath him, Larry thrust harder, knowing that his friend could be reduced to begging after only moments of this sort of treatment. He wasn’t disappointed either.

“Larry, fuck me, make love to me, please. Please, do it now.”

Larry grabbed the lube from the table, spreading it over his fingers and prepping Jonne slowly, sliding one finger in at first. It had been awhile since they had done this and he wasn’t sure how often Jonne let someone do this to him so he wanted to make sure it was done right.

Jonne arched his back, pressing against Larry’s hand. “More, more please, Lauri.”

Larry pushed a second finger into Jonne, marveling at how tight he was. It was always like that, Jonne’s heat engulfing him, squeezing him all around as he thrust in and out.

Larry moaned a little, his cock growing harder at the thought of being buried in Jonne, thrusting gently into the heat of his lover and then coming.

“Larry, do it, please. I want to feel you inside me, please, baby, do it.”

Larry looked up at Jonne, sprawled out on the bed, panting and gleaming with sweat, looking fucked and fuckable. This was a side of Jonne Larry rarely got to see. It was the real version of the persona Jonne used onstage. A persona Jonne almost never used around Larry, opting instead to be the quiet, shy boy he really was.

Larry grabbed a condom, the sight of Jonne all spread out almost enough to make him come without being touched, rolling it down his cock and trying not to touch himself too much as he spread lube over his straining penis.

As he lined himself up at Jonne’s entrance Jonne moaned, reaching up to grab Larry’s arms, pulling him down for another kiss.

Larry pushed in as he leaned down, engaging Jonne in a long kiss, their tongues invading each others mouths, exploring familiar places. Jonne moaned, feeling Larry inside him, filling him, completing him.

Jonne grasped at Larry’s shoulders, trying to get his lover to move faster, pushing his hips into Larry’s his moans coming louder as Larry’s thrusts hit his prostrate every time. His cock was rallying, rising again and Jonne felt Larry reach between them to grasp his cock, jerking him off with the same rhythm the brunette was thrusting into him with.

Jonne writhed under Larry, pushing down to meet his thrusts, then bucking up into his hand, moaning and clinging to Larry’s shoulders, digging his nails into the skin there hard enough to make Larry bleed. He bucked frantically, feeling himself draw closer to the edge as Larry leaned down again, placing a light kiss on his lover’s forehead.

With a slightly strangled shout Jonne came, his inner muscles tightening around Larry’s cock as he shot his seed onto Larry’s stomach.

Larry thrust deeper and harder, losing his rhythm as he came inside Jonne, collapsing onto his friend’s heaving chest.

Hands tangling in Larry’s messy curls, Jonne sighed happily, relaxing into sleep before Larry even pulled out.

Once he had, and had tossed the condom towards the trash can, Larry lay back down with Jonne, pulling the blanket over them both. He slipped his arms around Jonne’s slender form as he rest his head on Jonne’s chest, listening to his best friend, and sometimes lover’s heart beat as it lulled him to sleep.