"Come on, Lauri, *play* for me!"

And with a little persuasion and me giving him that face I know he can never resist, he did.

He was a bit awkward at first, obviously trying to feel the music but thinking the request strange and finding my watching eyes slightly intimidating.

So I sat back on the couch, relaxed, lighting a cigarette. Making it obvious that I wanted the mood in the room to calm considerably. My voice low and pleasant as I spoke. "Close your eyes, Lauri, feel what you're playing. I'm not even here, I want to see your passion."

That seemed to relax him, and after playing a bit longer - something he'd been working on, obviously - he started to loosen up and go to that place Lauri seems to go to when he's playing a gig, all contorted faces and puffed lips and closed eyes.

I happen to think it's kindof hot.

He's played now for about ten minutes straight and he's starting to sweat just a little bit, it is pretty warm in here, and starting to get hotter the more his bare torso shimmers.

I've been nursing a hardon for about five minutes of his playing, and though I have not caught him looking, I know he's noticed, cos he's starting to play like he does when I get him horny during a show - a little harder and a little more determined.

I unbutton and unzip my tight white jeans and slide my hand inside.

And though he's trying so incredibly hard not to notice, he misses a note.

Lauri actually misses a note.

I'm sure the smirk of realization on my face is evident enough to make him curse himself in his head.

I wrap my hand around myself fully, letting him watch, still playing, though a lot more slowly and choppily, as if he can't really think fast enough. Almost as if something's distracting him. Hmmmm...

He watches me for a good five minutes or so, enough for me to be pretty fucking aroused - almost enough to make me just get off the couch and have him against the wall already. Just watches me. Blatantly. Forgetting to even play, sometimes. And I, of course, wear the same 'come and take me' expression the entire time.

Finally he just tosses the guitar aside, but I call out to him. "Keep the guitar, it's fucking hot on you," I tell him, getting up off the couch.

He just stares at me. "...But how will we--"

"Just do it. Adjust the strap a little higher than normal. I have plans for you."

He looks rather pleased by the thought of any 'plans' I might have and does as I told him to.

"Now start playing again. I'll take care of the rest...."

I do just that, getting on my knees and undoing his jeans, letting them fall around his ankles.

When he realizes what I have in mind, he misses a note again, and I scold him. "Keep playing!"

He obeys and I let my tongue run over the head of him, looking up at him, his fumbling attempts to keep doing as he was told, and it gets even worse when I take him into my mouth.

"Jonne, he says finally, sounding quite exasperated.


"I want you."

I know that already, but now that he's said it, of course I couldn't deny him, and this time I strip him of his guitar, cos it really is getting in the way, helping him kick off his jeans as well. I shed my pants, and pull him back to the couch with me, on top of me, arching upwards so that my dick rubs against his, sliding them together with my hand, hearing his responses and my own fill the air.

Finally he has enough and takes control, wrapping his palm around me firmly and starting to stroke me off so fucking perfectly, with those talented guitarist fingers, and jesus christ the things he's whispering to me, who knew Lauri had such a mouth, saying such incredibly hot things, while his other hand is stroking himself off, and in no time at all I can feel myself about to come.

He hears me get louder and speeds up his hand, his thumb rubbing over the head just right, until it's all too much for me and all I can do is cry out as it hits me, pleasure, exquisite fucking pleasure. I shoot over his hand and onto my stomach, and when I've finished he rubs himself in it, letting me watch him take himself in hand.

I recover for a moment, watching him touch himself, which is lovely, but finally I decide I'd like a little more control than that and flip us over so that I'm on top and I can slide down his body, letting my tongue slide over the head of him experimentally, tasting the combination of myself and him, my hand working his shaft.

He closes his eyes and gets that same incredibly lost, pleasured look as when he plays guitar only a lot more desperate. And he's also letting out some fucking hot sounds from way deep down in his chest, the kind that beg me to let him get off, to please get him off, and my hand speeds up, my tongue just flickering over him but it's enough and he lets himself go onto his stomach, and I catch some of it with my lips.

When he's finished I slide up his body and kiss him, and apparently he likes something he tastes on my tongue, cos he kisses me with such passion that I almost feel weak, especially after that.

"Sorry," I say finally, and he looks at me with the most adorable puzzled-as-fuck-Lauri look on his face, so I explain further. "I can't keep my hands off you when you play, I guess." Giving him a sheepish grin.

He laughs. "Well, I'm not sure I can say I mind, really. Especially if I get to do that every time I play for you."

"That and more," I smile at him, poking my finger at the smile that lights up his face. What, did he think all I wanted from him was that?

Clearly, he has no idea what I have in store for him.