NGT Feeding Fire!
"Playing The Angel"
By K-Bunny

Chapter 1
"nnn... no!"
"oh come on, Christus."
"no fucking way!"
"don't be such a jealous, greedy bitch, Kris."
"forget about it!"
"what, it would stay in the goddamn family anyway!"
"oh you...!"
"why, aren't brothers supposed to share... brotherly?!"
"i can't believe you actually come round asking me this."
"oh please, just one little lay..."
"you can shove those puppy eyes up someone elses face, but not mine..."
"...and you could put on a pout the size of Texas, there is no way you will lay your dirty fingers on him! and your dick will stay in your pants for as long as he is my brother, you understand?!"
"alright then... my dick stays in my pants... if you let him join my dick in my pants."
"JACK!!! N-fucking-O!"
"you know what? calm down! i don't need your fucking permission anyway. i am not your fucking property. and you are not my fucking boyfriend."
"well no, i'm not your fucking boyfriend, that's right. i am just your fucking, without the boyfriend attached. but still. you'll need my fucking permission for any kind of fucking you'll fucking want to keep doing with me, you fucking get that?!"
"oh-kay... we keep fucking if you let it happen, Sir. aye, Sir!, i get that. but let me see if i get that right..."
"i get some of you if you let me get some of you, right?"
"and you get some of me if you let me get you some of me."
"err... right."
"so, what i get is what you give..."
"...and what you get is what i give..."
" what you get is what i get."
"well, yes..."
"well, fine then!"
"...and now, get to the fucking point, doll?"
"so the point is - you're saying i can have Matthau if you can have him as well!"
"wh... no!"
"but yes!"
"oh no, i never said that!"
"yes you did. quote i-get-what-you-get unquote. that's a classic perfect sandwich, and Matthau gets to be the ham."
"don't try to outsmart me, Jack, it won't work. he is my brother, for Christs sake."
"skip the puns, Christus."
"skip the whole idea, Jack."
"ha, you wish!"
"ha, you wish! he'd never go for that deal, we are brothers. kin."
"so a deal it is then."
"a what???"
"it's a deal. we'll just leave it up to Matthau. if he's in, you're in. and then i'm in."
"sheesh, how about you just wipe that triumphant grin off your face?!"
"t-ha! the triumphant grin stays. and i'm asking Matthau."
"yeah right. just you go ahead... and make a total triumphantly grinning fool of yourself, so i can have a laugh."
"heh. we'll see that. you have the first laugh, i'll have the last."

Chapter 2
he's being pushed backwards, into the small bathroom, nearly tripping over the towel somebody had dropped oh so carelessly.
his stomach turns a surprised 13 degrees when he hears the door being pulled shut, locking out the party sounds. the neon light above starts to flicker reluctantly, and by the time it finally manages to stay on for good, Matthau finds himself propped up against the edge of the sink.
his eyes catch a quick glance of the lock on the door. it's latched. his stomach turns another 17 degrees, same direction.

'i definitely should not have had that 5th shot of Jäger within the hour.'
a hand grips him by the waist, squeezing tight.
"what the f...?!"
"what's that look on your face supposed to mean, huh?"
a second hand grips the other side of his waist, squeezing even tighter.
"...and what's all this supposed to be about anyway?!"
"shh! shh! shh my ass, Jack! what do you want?"
his feet are being pushed apart a few inches by one, then another leg pushing in between.
"oh, don't tell me you don't know what i want."
"well no, i don't."
a hand, firmly pressed on his chest, its fingers toying with his shirt.
"oh but you do, you just mentioned the key word yourself!"
"erm look, i know i'm drunk. but i'm not at the point of needing my diapers changed yet, so why don't you just get lost and wait until i really have to throw up and help me in the bathroom then, Mother Theresa?!"
he tries to push himself off from the sink, aiming for the door, but finds himself being pinned back hard against the sink by Jacks full weight.
"alright, now, what? rape me?"
"hmm, not just yet...", a thumb fingering his collar.
the finger that is now slowly crawling down along the buttons of his shirt, slipping them open one by one clearly irritates him.
"easy now Jack! you wouldn't want to chip off some of that carefully applied nail varnish!"
"i'm going to chip off something completely different altogether, actually."
his shirt is being brushed off his shoulders, dropped into the bathtub next to the sink.
"Jack, you nutshell! you'll burn in hell for trying to seduce me in here! hell, Christus will kill both you and me if he finds out!"
"oh no, he sure as hell won't."
"of course he will! somebody's going to do their math about us walking in and out of here together, and then he'll find out."
"i wasn't referring to the finding-out part, sexy..."
nails sharply running down Matthaus bare chest, leaving faint red traces.
"did you forget to take your medication today, Jack?"
"i figured you'd be my medicine for the day..."
lips brushing against his own. he tries to escape the impending kiss, turning his head sideways.
"sorry to disappoint you, but i can't fill that prescription."
lips brushing against his ear.
"yes you can."
a soft shiver shaking his body, he turns his head back out of reflex.
"no i can't."
lips brushing against his cheek.
"yes, you can."
another shiver shaking him, making the hair on the back of his neck stand up.
"no, i can't."
lips brushing against his.
"but you want to..."
lips fully closing in on his, suffocating his reply.
"...don't you?!"
another soft kiss, hands on his waist yet again.
"no, i can't."
he softly shakes his head, as if trying to shake off his own looming arousal.
"i'm not asking if you can. i'm asking if you want to."
he briefly licks his own lips.
fingers slipping inside the waistband of his jeans. a tongue licking his lower lip, followed by a gentle suckle.

"do you?"
a soft moan escapes him, his eyelids flutter as he feels hands fingering with the fly of his jeans.
"do..." - top button being snapped open, a tender bite on his bottom lip.
"you..." - middle button being snapped open, a tender lick parting his lips.
"want..." - bottom button being snapped open, a tender bite on his upper lip.
his eyes fall shut. "uuhh."
a mouth whispers into his. "what?"
he draws his head back an inch, opening his eyes again.
"yes." , a husky whisper.
his eyes fall shut right again, his head rolling back into his neck, as his jeans are being pushed open, down, down. down.

a kiss on his exposed throat, a bite.
lips closing around his left nipple, a bite.
"what, yes?"
lips closing around his right nipple, a bite.
lips gliding down along his belly, a lick.
"yes what?"
an inch-long lick, down from his bellybutton.
"yes. yes, i want you, goddammit!"
"oh, don't swear, Matthau! good girls don't abuse the name of the Lord."
the sudden break in rhythm almost makes him swoon.
"i'm not a good girl, Jack!", he says looking down, his eyes meeting a sheepish grin.
"well, most certainly not. good girls sport underwear. and besides. if you were, i couldn't be doing this, and you wouldn't enjoy it."
the sheepish grin broadens.
"enjoy what?"
the sheepish grin is being withdrawn by Jack slightly tilting his head, dipping down.

Jacks tongue darting out, licking the soft shaved skin of Matthaus balls, his lips first kissing, nibbling Matthaus testicles, then his mouth finally taking them in, sucking gently.
a bolt of hot lightning shoots through Matthaus body, blood shoots into the tissue of his cock, swelling it to full size, making the sudden hard erection hurt just a tad too good.

"holy shit!"
"i told you not to swear!", Jack apruptly stops the suckling, withdrawing his mouth, making Matthau gasp and lunge forward.
his hands are being snatched off the sink, his wrists being painfully twisted outwards, causing his knees to weaken, almost give in.

"will you stop swearing now?", another painful twist.
"aargh! yeah..."
again he is being pushed backwards, sideways, over onto the edge of the bathtub.
"promise!", Jack hisses, forcing Matthau to lean back with a hard demanding kiss, pinning his hands to the other, far edge of the tub.
"i swear, no more swearing.", he whispers, panting.
"good girl...", Jack purrs into his ear, fully leaning in onto the man under him, his own crotch pressing hard against Matthaus aching erection.
"uuhh gaaw...", Matthau bites his own lip.
"watch your mouth!"
his breath quickens with every kiss Jack places on his skin on the way back down, his head spinning in anticipation of feeling Jacks mouth around his hard-on, his skin burning from the tight grip of Jacks hands on his hips.
he can't hold back a long lustful moan as he feels Jacks hot breath on the tip of his cock, then a warm lick, circling its head, lips closing in, sucking, Matthau pushing himself further and further into Jacks warm, wet mouth with each hungry forward twitch of his hips, the intensity of it all sending him close to over the edge.

a sudden loud rap on the door almost makes his heart skip a beat.

"you sleepin' in there, or wha'?!"
"hang on a sec, poor Matthau's feeling a little beside himself at the moment", Jack quips, a malicious smile playing on his lips, "Mother Theresa will pull the flush on him any moment."
Matthau scrambles to his feet, trying to pull his jeans back on in a state of mere panic.
"i told you we'd get caught!", he rants, now feverishly fumbling with the buttons of his shirt, struggling to to slip them into place.
"shh, Matts, don't be such a nervous bundle.", Jack whispers into his face, his fingers skilfully closing the buttons for him one by one, while nuzzling on his lips.
"oh damn!"
"don't swear, i told you twice already, or else that was it."
"well, that was it, Jack!"
"hey now, don't you tell me you don't want me anymore."
Jacks hands snaking their way back down towards Matthaus groins.
"oh but i do, still. it's just..."
Jack placing his right hand on the still prominent bulge between Matthaus legs, gently squeezing, curling his fingers.
"see, and you can still have me. postponed, not cancelled."
Matthau takes a step back, pushing the hand away.
"no, you're forgetting all about your lover, Jack."
"you forget about Christus, girl", Jack replies, reaching out, slipping his hands under Matthaus shirt, pulling him close again, "i'll get him to let us have it."
"what? how?"
"just you wait and see, girl", Jack purrs into his ear ever so softly, stopping Matthaus attempt to wriggle free again dead in its track, running his hands up along the side of his chest.
"he'll never let me have you. there's nothing you could possibly do, and there's nothing i could do either."
"well, what would you do?", Jack raises an eyebrow, running his lips along Matthaus cheeks.
"what would you do to get me?"
Matthau finds himself entangled in a kiss, long and luscious, making him long for more, silencing his second thoughts.
"what would you be willing to do?"
yet another kiss, soft and sensual, Jacks tongue slowly parting his lips, snaking its way into his mouth, playfully, passionately, leaving him near breathless.
"and who?"
a quick brush of lips.
"not what. who?"
a single drop of sweat runs down the side of Matthaus puzzled face as Jack unbolts the lock, swinging the door open with a grin.
"gee, you people missed one hell of a sight! little girl down on his knees, kissing the porcellaine doll, drinking backwards, hahaha!"
"oh thanks for helping me sober up, Jack! such a bastard!"

Chapter 3
"so, what are we waiting for, exactly?", Matthau shifts on the couch, nervously fishing for his cigarettes.
"oh Matts, why do you constantly keep getting the questions all wrong, huh? it's not what, it's who?"
"wh… okay, so who are we waiting for, smartass?", he tries to strike a match, breaking it.
"Christus, who else!"
"eh? then why did you invite me over in the first place?", he manages to strike the second match, drawing the smoke into his lungs with a deep breath.
"well, exactly because Christus is coming over too."
"tell me you don't plan on discussing that out between the three of us!", he nearly drops his cigarette.
"well no, i don't plan on discussing it…"
"good.", another lungful of smoke.
"…because i plan on doing it right away."
"say that again!"
"you heard me."
"you want us to do it in front of him?!", he raises his cigarette to his lips once again.
"no, i want us to do it with him."
Matthau nearly chokes on blue air, coughing hard.
"hey, don't die on me now, it takes three for a threesome!"
"that's it, i've had it. first you tease me out of my mind at a friggin' party, and then you expect me to lay my own brother?"
"well, he's up for it…"
"say that again!"
"i said, well, he's up for it. we have a deal, see. if he gets you, i get you."
"say that again!"
"you're starting to sound like a parrot, Matts."
"no, you are the birdy one around here, Jack."
"oh girl, you should know better. i'm the leopard one around here…"
Jack slowly crawling across the couch, sitting down on Matthaus lap.
"…wanna see my pattern?", he says, flashing an enticing look, tugging at the bottom of his own shirt.
"oh stop teasing me."
"i'll stop teasing the very moment you give up the hesitating.", Jack snatches the cigarette from Matthaus lips, and puts it out in the ashtray while reaching for the other mans shirt, pulls it over his head and sends it flying across the room, far out of reach.
"careful what you wish, you just might get it.", Matthaus nerves switching from uneasy to unnerved-mode.
"oh finally?!"
Jack grabbing Matthaus hair in the back of his head, pulling hard, making him draw a sharp breath. he bites his throat, releasing his grip, locking his fingers in Matthaus neck, licking up, over his chin, his lips, pushing his tongue between them.
"that's it, Jack.", Matthau hisses, jumping up to his feet, Jack struggling to his own, "now you're fucked."
he grips Jacks hands, literally driving him backwards towards the bedroom, but missing the door by a good two feet, sending Jacks back up hard against the wall.
dizzy from the impact, Jack feels his shirt being torn off, a hard kiss, this time Matthaus tongue forcing its way into Jacks mouth, greedily sucking on his lips.
coming back to his senses he rolls Matthau over through the door, fingering for his pants, giving Matthau a dejavu moment when he lands on the bed, his jeans being pulled off with a swift yank.

"oh, good girl!", Jack muses at the sight of the tight boxer briefs, "but one size too small, eh?!"
he crawls on top of him, brushing his hands over the growing bulge, then pressing his thigh up against it, finally their lips locking again.
Matthau has yet another dejavu moment as he hears a voice from across the room, making him freeze up.

"so i guess that would be the moment you start to regret having given me the key to your apartment, huh?!"

Jack looks up, seeing Christus turn around and walk back out through the bedroom door.
"stay put, don't move!", he hisses at Matthau, and gets up, going after Christus.
he snatches his arm, swiftly twisting it, turning his prey around, wraps both arms around his waist, arresting him with a kiss.

"we were waiting for you already!"
"certainly didn't look like that."
"well, i thought i could warm both the sheets and Matts up for you."
"not with me, Jack.", Christus trying to wriggle free, but finding the grip too tight to escape.
"hey, don't disappoint Matthau now, he's all revved up for you already."
"our deal, Kris, i-get-what-you-get. you said go ahead."
"why, i never meant it that way!"
"oh come on, we're almost there already."
a slow lick over his lips, making his skin crawl.
"Jack, he'll never…"
"oh yes, he will. he just feels a little shy about it, but he will. and so will you. please, Kris…"
a soft kiss, gentle but demanding, making his head spin.
"your… kissing is… rather irresistible, i… must confess, but… not… all that much, Jack.", he manages to mutter, trying to break the kiss several times, but being shut up over and over again.
"please, Kris…"
a pleading look, Jacks fingers spidering over his face, cheeks, chin, neck, through his hair, slowly pulling him into his face again.
"just a little kissing… see…"
lips covering his, slowly closing, parting, playing, pressing, releasing.
'oh those lips…'

"just a little kissing…", a whisper.
pure passion, flowing into his mouth, washing over his dizzy senses like silk, drowning out almost all his thoughts.
'just a little…'

"and fumbling…", softly.
"and fooling around…", barely a mumur.
"nnn…", a hesitant shake of Christus' head.
"please…", eyes catching his.
"i'll show you…", eyes locking with his.
"and help you…", arms around his waist.
"please, Kris…", arms crossing behind his back, hands softly pressing below his shoulderblades, "it'll be good…"
Christus suddenly feels the edge of the bed digging into the back of his knees, realizing Jack had slowly but surely walked him back into the bedroom, only to find himself gently pushed backwards, laid down, crawled upon, all the while being kissed, kissed, kissed.
'so good…'

as Matthau slowly shifts up close, running his hand over Jacks back, greedily watching the play of lips, bound, wanting, longing, craving, Jack reaches out for his cheek, gently cupping it, pulls him close, slowly breaking the kiss to brush his lips against Matthaus. he turns back to Christus as he feels him shift slightly underneath him, picking back up where he left.
Matthau going for Jacks earlobe, licking it, nuzzling it, his breath heavy, laden with desire.

"wrong ear.", Jack whispers with a quick glance at the man to his left, his hand brushing away a single strand of hair covering Christus' right ear, his eyes locked with the man under him, the gaze broken by Christus shutting his lids upon Matthau gently licking his earlobe.
'so wrong…'
Jack bending down to Christus left ear, licking, nibbling, making him swoon.

"please, Kris…", another one of those whispers.
'so right…'
Jack slowly rolling sideways, halfway off Christus, pulling Matthau along with him, halfway on top of Christus, pushing his left leg over Matthaus, locking, securing the position.
Matthaus face hovering over Christus', lips barely touching, movement almost imperceptible at first, then finally closing the distance, a hesitant brush, then another, a playful rhythm being established, the pace of parting and closing lips slow, fitted in between heavy breathing, slowly picking up, the tip of a tongue met by the other, a gentle lick, more lips, more licks, more lips, small sounds, soft moans, more lips, a full kiss.
'oh god…'
careful not to distract the two men entangled in their sensual engagement, Jack props himself up on his right elbow, his fingers toying with Christus' hair, he runs his left hand over Matthaus back, slowly pulling his own leg away, allowing for Matthau to follow in the direction of his gentle nudges, pulling him fully on top of Christus.
'this is not actually happening, is it?'
slowly pulling out of the mens embrace, Jack guides Christus' arm around Matthaus waist, loosely intertwining his fingers in his own, running their hands over Matthaus spine as one, letting them rest on his lower back, as Matthau slowly starts rocking his hips.
'god, it is…'
Christus meeting the rhythm, writhing absent-mindedly, their kisses getting ever more demanding, their tongues at full play, roaming, he withdraws his fingers from Jacks, fumbling for Matthaus hands, slowly pushing him over, gently pinning his hands down on the pillow, over near his head.
Jack leans over Christus, shoving his hands up under his shirt from behind, hooking his thumbs in its fabric, pulling it up along, slipping it off, Christus always only reluctantly, shortly breaking contact with Matthaus hands, lips.
'just a little kissing…'
Jack gently brings down his weight on the two, fully leaning onto them, softly pressing down his own hips, inducing Christus to roll his, shyly at first, letting him find their rhythm, then steadily, Matthaus soft moans mirrored in Christus' own.
'just a little fooling around…'

"hmmm…", Jack purrs into his ear, leaving a trail of kisses down his neck and back, between his shoulders, running his hands down the side of his chest, to the front around his waist, his right hand slowly working its way in between the two mens rolling hips, feeling for the bulge in Matthaus shorts, making him draw and let out a sharp breath.
his left hand works in between the two, Christus automatically pulling up his left knee, letting Jack unzip his jeans, reach in, meet yet another erection, just as hard as the one in his other hand.
Jack lets go of Matthaus hard-on, tugging Christus' pants away little by little, the thumb of his left hand gently rubbing the soft skin on the head of Christus' cock, closing his palm and fingers around the shaft, starting to stroke. he brings his right hand back around to the front, cupping his balls, squeezing with every other stroke.

Christus breaks the kiss with Matthau, goes for his neck, chest, kissing, licking, biting, the grip of his hands getting tighter and tighter, making it hard for Matthau not to wince from the pain, both their knuckles having long turned white. hungry teeth leave bitemarks all over his chest, making him writhe, moan, gasp every so often. Matthau whimpers as they once more bite down hard on his nipple when yet another stroke of Jacks hand lets Christus find sharp release.

Matthau seizes a short moment of Christus loosening the grip on his hands to pull his own free, running them through the other mans hair, gently nudging his head down, whispering, "please, Kris…!"
'please, Kris…', Jacks voice echoing in Christus head.
he gives in to the pull of Jacks hands on his hips, leading him towards the foot of the bed, he blindly fumbles for Matthaus shorts, blindly pulls them off, blindly searches for Matthaus cock with his own mouth, finally finding it, circling its head with his tongue, licking its soft skin, his hands pressed left and right of the throbbing erection, thumbs gently digging into the other mans balls in a pulsating rhythm.
'please, Kris…'
he blindly licks down the shaft, and back up, every inch, curling, swirling his tongue, then closing his lips around the tip, sucking gently, softly, then harder, harder, drawing it in, little by little, deeper each time, further in, in further.
'please, Kris…!'
Matthau gripping the sheets, moaning, rocking his hips along with Christus' rhythm as he runs his mouth along the length of his cock, sucks, releases, sucks, releases, and again, and again, repetitive pleasure, arching his back, pressing his head into the pillow, clenching his teeth in a final loud moan.
Christus still sucking, more softly now, slowing his pace, never minding Matthaus semen running down in the back of his throat, gently bringing him back down, still licking the soft skin, swirling his tongue around the head, nuzzling on the tip.
a final tender kiss on the tip, then he buries his face in Matthaus groins, both panting hard, trying to find their breath again.

"wow!", a low murmur.
both men turn their heads sideways, only to spot Jack, lounging in an armchair next to the bed, with the fly of his jeans open, spent, his eyes shimmering with lust, a satisfied grin playing on his lips.

"oh my god.", Matthau lets his head fall back into the pillow.
Christus blushes, an uneasy look on his face.

"i'm sorry Jack, i didn't mean to let myself get carried away like that, forgetting all about your pleasure.", the tiniest whisper.
"ah, never mind, dollface. i damn well know how to help myself, take care of my own pleasure. and besides…", he gets up to pull his face close and retrieve a deep kiss, Christus' tongue still tasting of someone else, "…i got exactly what i wanted anyway."

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