It had rained all night. It was the first night back from touring, and Jonne had slept on the hardwood floor – as he always did on the first night home; he liked to let himself ease into the process of being in his own flat. He watched the rain out the glass doors; it was hard and cleansing and he felt somehow like it had done a lot for his soul just watching it.

At some point, he guessed he must’ve fallen asleep, because the next thing he knew, he was waking to the sound of footsteps. Heavy boots on wood.

“Lauri?” he asked – for it was dark and he could not see, and this was not the kind of rainstorm that produced lightning.

“It’s me,” Lauri confirmed. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you. I just came over here because I couldn’t sleep. It was too weird for me to be home, and besides, my roof is leaking, so I thought I would spend the night here.”

Jonne knew exactly what Lauri meant about home being weird. And the leaky roof didn’t sound that pleasant either; not that he would’ve turned Lauri away anyway. “Of course. I wasn’t getting any sleep anyway – not good sleep at least.” He stood up, stretching, a bit stiff from the floor. “Do you want some tea or something?”

“Tea?” Lauri asked skeptically.

Jonne laughed at himself; he was just tired, and it seemed like that was what everyone asked when they had a guest in the house, so he had said it.

Lauri laughed too, wrapping his arms around Jonne’s waist, leaning in for a soft kiss. “You’ve never offered me tea before.”

“And now that I have I’ll never be allowed to forget it,” smiled Jonne, enjoying Lauri’s embrace for a moment. It was familiar – something present both in touring and at home – and it helped ground him. The transition had always hit Jonne hard, though he wasn’t entirely sure why. “Come outside with me,” he said suddenly, craning his neck backward to look at Lauri, wanting to feel the rain on his skin.

Lauri looked at him like he was crazy. “You’ll catch your death out there.”

“No I won’t,” said Jonne, bending down and starting to take off his socks, then unbuttoning his jeans, clearly determined and defiant. “Come on, be spontaneous.”

Lauri relented, because Jonne was right; it wasn’t that cold outside and besides, the blonde was always complaining that he wasn’t spontaneous enough. He watched Jonne for a moment before he pulled off his shirt, examining the shadowy silhoutte of his body in the moonlight – the curve of his hips, his eyes immediately trailing down below his waist. Jonne was half-hard, and it seemed no matter what he tried to tell himself, he couldn’t remove his eyes from the sight. Jonne almost caught him staring, and he quickly pulled off his own shirt as a distraction. “Alright. But only for you,” he said, unfastening his own jeans now and kicking them off. He was glad that he was wearing a pair of boxer-briefs now, at least there would be some material separating him from Jonne.

He started to head out the back door when Jonne caught him by his waistband. “Uh uh uh, these too. I’m not doing your laundry for you and even if we lay them out, they’re still going to be wet in the morning.”

Lauri looked like a deer in the headlights, so Jonne merely laughed and pulled them down his legs himself, giving his cock a gentle pat, which was enough to make Lauri’s mouth drop open.

“Come on, I won’t bite,” he said, speaking to Lauri’s crotch. “Or would he like it if I did?” This time talking to Lauri, Jonne smirked, standing back up and running naked out into the rain, daring his friend to follow.

He looked up at the sky and let it fall over his face, his hair completely drenched in just a few moments, turning in a circle, loving the way it felt against his skin with the wind just slightly blowing like it was. It was chilly, but not cold, and besides, he had Lauri to warm him up.

When Jonne opened his eyes, Lauri was standing beside him looking quite a lot like a wet cat; damp and unhappy and only putting up with it for him. But he thought he had just the thing to snap Lauri out of it. His hands rested gently on Lauri’s hips and he pulled their waists together, sliding his wet skin across Lauri’s, which felt good enough to make him purr, and he could tell did the same for the other man; though Lauri was trying very hard not to get off on it.

Jonne merely laughed and took Lauri’s hands in his own, placing them on his wet abdomen, just over his ribs. “You can touch me, Lauri. I won’t break.”

His skin was wet and shimmering under the moonlight, looking so pale and perfect and flawless that Lauri found he couldn’t help touching Jonne; though it was tentative. His fingers fluttered over each defined rib bone, tracing, his hand almost trembling, looking as though he was in awe of it all.

Jonne finally decided that Lauri just wasn’t getting the idea fast enough for his taste and leaned in to softly kiss a few raindrops off his lips, tracing the bottom one with his tongue. Finally, to his pleasant surprise, Lauri responded to the invitation, following Jonne’s tongue back into his mouth and teasing it with a few flicks of his own, one of his hands straying to grab a handful of soaking wet blonde hair.

Jonne loved the firmness with which Lauri kissed him; the masculinity, the way he dominated. He loved how warm Lauri’s mouth was in contrast to the rain falling over them, and he loved the way his slick skin slid against Lauri’s. He gently cradled Lauri’s jaws in his palms as he kissed back, feeling everything in his body come alive at once; his nerve endings were on fire and his lips were tingling and the cold rain just added another element, something which aroused him immensely. And he let Lauri feel it, pressing it right into his hip, asking permission almost.

He felt Lauri groan more than heard him, and before he knew it he was being shifted a little, so that Lauri’s hand could wrap around him and rub himself against his thigh at the same time. He was pleased to feel the other man’s erection curious and hot and seeking some kind of friction against him. He pulled Lauri atop him as he landed on his back on the wet grass, though Lauri had been careful to catch himself on his palms and not let his full weight land on him, somehow.

As soon as they were on the ground, Jonne wrapped a leg around Lauri’s waist and arched upward, rubbing their cocks together, his mouth falling open in a sound that the rain lost. Jonne had not thought Lauri would be so easy; sex in the rain had been a fantasy of his for a while – as had sex with Lauri, for that matter – and he’d never dreamed he’d get the two at the same time. Why now, he wasn’t sure, but it felt incredible and he was not going to question it.

With his body, he begged Lauri to make love to him, guiding him to his entrance, encouraging him with moans and heavy breath against his skin and bucking of his hips, letting Lauri feel the heat of him without taking him inside, sliding him up and down his crease.

And Lauri did make love to him – though he took his time arousing Jonne out of his mind, first – right there in the grass with the sky opened above them, the rain falling through the entire intense thing. Lauri wound up being grateful for the rain, for he thought sure the heat of Jonne’s body would’ve taken him immediately were it not for that.

Lauri made love to Jonne until they’d both climaxed so intensely that they just lay panting, soaked, on the grass, and after a moment Lauri realized two things; the rain had now dulled to a mist, and Jonne had fallen asleep.

Lauri laid there a moment longer, his body aching with exhaustion because he had needed that release; really, he thought he would’ve done anything for it, and he had – his body had. Then he scooped a sopping wet Jonne up in his arms and carried him to bed, piling blankets on them, because he didn’t want to wake him up to dry him off, and he figured between the blankets and their combined body heat, Jonne’s skin would warm back up in no time.

He thought to himself that maybe he could find out what that was like, too.


When Jonne woke up the next morning, it was to the faint sensation of… dampness. But he was warm, very warm. He sat up curiously for a moment, but then he saw Lauri’s headfull of frizzy curls on the pillow next to him and it all came rushing back. Their sex in the rain had been fantastic, and Jonne couldn’t help but smile as he saw that it was still misting heavily – not raining, but it was enough. It was one of those precious few days in Finland where the sun rose and set at a somewhat normal time and he knew this rain would be a lot warmer than what they’d made love in the night before; he liked that thought.

He kissed Lauri’s ear and whispered mischievously into it that he wanted round two, now.

And lucky for Jonne, Lauri wasn’t one to leave him disappointed.