"Sex Ed"
by Janie Jaded

Ville pushed open the door to his brothers house. He needed advice, and quick!
"Jonne? Are you home?" He checked Jonne's living room, kitchen, and finally his bedroom, where he found Christus and his older brother, Jonne, flopped down on the bed playing chess.
"Check. What's up?" Jonne asked when he saw his brother enter.
"Erm...I need help..with, something."
"No! ...I'd rather talk to you in private."
Christus threw Jonne's captured horse piece at Ville. "What, can't say it in front of me?"
Ville thought about it a second, then sighed. "All right, fine." He shut the door to the bedroom, as if afraid someone might walk in, and heaved himself on the bed.
"Hey!!" Christus and Jonne yelled together as chess pieces scattered over Jonne's pink and black 'Happy Bunny' sheets.
"I need advice...about...girls." He eyed the two skeptically. "Not like you're the ones to talk to about girls.." He dodged a swat from both sides.
"Fuck you! I've had tons of women." Boasted Jonne.
"Three." Christus retorted nonchalantly. They both stared at each other for a few seconds, until Ville broke the silence.
"Guys! I need help!"
"I'll say." Snorted Christus, and he laid back on the pillows. While Ville glared at Christus, Jonne shrugged and picked up the chess pieces.
"Well, what kind of advice do you need? Ask her on a date? Ask her out? Nail her?"
"Uhm... Well, I kinda wanna..."
"Get laid?" Jonne grinned. "AWWW! My wittle bwother is growing up!!" Jonne mused and tackled Ville in a hug.
"Hey! Getoffme! Psh! You were younger then my your first time!"
Jonne pondered this. "Yeah... well, peer pressure." He adjusted himself in front of Ville. "Okay! Well, first... you need to.. uh. Know how to do... stuff. Yeah."
Ville stared at Jonne. "..."
"...What? I don't know! Christus?" Both younger blondes turned to the older, 'wiser' man. Christus raised a brow. He sighed heavily and pushed himself up onto his knees, then pulled off his shirt. Ville just now realized how good of shape Christus was actually in. His eyes traveled over his well sculptured chest and tight stomach.
"Show me what you got..." Christus's voice echoed in Ville's head.
"Huh? Oh! ...What?! On you?!!"
"Why not?"
"Just do it." Jonne pushed.
Ville groaned and turned to face Christus. Christus looked menacing, powerful, and dominate, looking down at Ville. Ville bit his lip and looked back at Christus's chest.
"What do I do?"
"Learn how to control your tongue." Jonne announced casually.
Ville looked back to Christus, and got up on his knees. Christus set his calloused hands on either side of Ville's jaw line, lifting his chin just enough so his lips could brush over the blondes. Jonne watched, his hands folded in his lap. Ville closed his eyes and stuck out his tongue. Christus bit it hard.
"Too quick!" Christus directed.
Ville groaned and closed his eyes again.
"You're going to be the man, so you make the moves. But be gentle.." Christus whispered, tipping Ville's head up again. He traced Ville's lips with his tongue, sliding it in and out of his mouth slowly, curling the tip up under his upper lip. Ville felt a tent being pitched slowly, and he unknowingly whimpered into Christus's teasing kisses. Jonne raised an eye brow and smirked.
Christus pulled away, leaving Ville's lips and surrounding skin moist with his spit. Ville licked his own lips, eager to taste Christus there. He felt fingertips being pressed into his side, and then warm breath on his ear.
"Don't forget the neck..." Jonne whispered, sending soft kisses down along his brothers neck. "They love that."
Ville nodded, but no words came out.
"While you're kissing her neck, go up under her shirt." Christus intrusted. He felt his shirt being lifted. It was Jonne's hands he felt on his sides and stomach, rolling up over his chest, fingers stopping to play with his nipples. Ville moaned, his thoughts in a little land called Bliss, his cock hard, his breath shaky, his skin crawling under his brothers touch and his friends tongue.
At some point, both Christus and Jonne managed to strip to their skivvies, and had taken off Ville's shirt and unbuttoned his pants. Jonne was curled around Ville at an impossible angle, swirling his tongue around his belly button, while Christus's hands slowly snaked down into his trousers. Ville gasped when he felt Christus's rough, skilled fingers wrap around his aching hard on.
"What...does this... have to do with.. with..." He fumbled for the words, but Jonne knew what he meant.
"Nothing... except now you know what you really want." He purred in Ville's ear. Ville moaned and let his head roll back, Jonne's mouth covering Ville's Adams Apple, sucking gently before dragging his teeth over Ville's neck. Christus pushed down Ville's pants and briefs, and instructed Jonne on what to do. It was obvious who called the shots, and obvious that this wasn't Jonne's first time being dominated by Christus. Ville didn't hear what Christus told Jonne to do, but knew what it was when he felt hot breath seep over the top of his cock, and lips loosely wrap around his now throbbing cock. Christus kept teasing mildly; rolling his thumb and finger over Ville's nipple, cupping his balls, kissing his neck, whispering incoherent words in his ear. Jonne slowly lowered his head over Ville's cock, his tongue swirling around, slowly at first. As he picked up speed, his tongue did, too. He sucked hard on Ville while Christus kept instructing Jonne. Ville heard Jonne whimper, and opened his eyes to look at him. Christus had his hand on the back of Jonne's head, and he kept pushing his head down further and further with every bob delivered to Ville. Ville felt his muscles tighten, his stomach harden, and knew soon he'd cum, hard, into Jonne's mouth. He stabled himself on Christus's shoulder, breathing heavily as he felt himself hit the back of his brother's throat with force. Jonne whimpered, gagged, and Christus let him lift his head for a well deserved breath. It was short lived, for Christus has pushed Jonne's mouth back over Ville's cock, and Jonne began to suck feverishly again, his head being guided by Christus. Ville's head rolled back again, and moans accompanied every gasping breath he managed to suck into his oxygen starved lungs. Small beads of sweat formed around his hair line, and he felt Jonne being gagged again, and again, and again-- many times before one last deepthroat made Ville yell out. He felt Christus push Jonne's head down hard, and Ville came down Jonne's throat. Christus held Jonne down until he milked every last drop from Ville. When Jonne finally came up for air, his mouth was red, his throat was sore, and he had small tears in his eyes. He licked his lips, and Christus pulled him in for a hard kiss. When the kiss was broken, Jonne smiled at Christus, as if looking for praise. Christus nodded, which was enough for Jonne, and both looked back to Ville, who was sprawled out on the bed.
"Is that enough instruction?" Jonne asked.
Ville grinned. "No."
They both stared at Ville.
Ville smirked. "I don't even want her anymore."

~The End~