Kris watched Jonne through the smoke of his cigarette, the dingy lighting of the club making the whole scene feel a bit surreal. Jonne’s cigarette burned idly between his fingers, completely forgotten, and those beautiful blue eyes of his were locked on the stage. Well, more specifically, locked on Japa.

Kristian knew that Jonne had no idea his fascination was so clear; and really, it intrigued him, to see the lusty expression Jonne wore on his face as he stared; that kindof ‘fuck me into the wall’ biting of his lower lip he was doing, until it was swollen and pouty and Kris found that he, equally, couldn’t take his eyes off Jonne.

Japa had invited them to Private Line’s show, and since Negative were in Helsinki for a gig themselves anyway, and because Japa was one of his dearest friends, of course Kristian had decided to come. And he’d brought Jonne, who had been his lover for almost two years now. Jonne had been almost as eager to come as Kristian had.

Now he had to wonder why. Not that he thought it was a bad thing that Jonne seemed to find Japa so fascinating; it wasn’t as if the two hadn’t had threesomes with Lauri before, Jonne quite fancied him too and Kris liked to see how aroused it made the blond to be sandwiched between the two of them, eating up the attention. He wondered if a tryst with Japa would have the same effect. And besides, Japa wasn’t bad to look at at all, he had to admit. Those shocking blue eyes and pale, clear skin framed by long, dark hair and an absolutely beautiful face to add to it… And as he turned his eyes from Jonne for a moment to watch Japa playing onstage, Kristian had to admit that there was something oddly intriguing about the elegance of his fingers, something which made Kristian’s mouth water as he decided he needed to see them around Jonne’s cock.

He cleared his throat to get the blond’s attention, and Jonne looked at him for the first time in nearly half an hour, looking quite a lot like he was somewhere else, lost in fantasies of getting bent over something by Japa, most likely, thought Kris.

“See anything you like?”

Jonne’s cheeks went red and he sat up a little straighter in his chair, putting his hands in his lap to hide the evidence that he had, indeed, seen something he liked.

“If you want him, my wicked angel, all you have to do is ask me for him, and he’s yours.”

Even in the dim lighting, Kristian could see the hunger reflected in Jonne’s eyes, which had turned a deep shade of almost blue-grey, smoky with want. “I want him,” he said, running his pink tongue over his bottom lip, leaving it shimmering alluringly.

Kristian stood up and took Jonne’s hand, helping him stand and leading him backstage; he couldn’t stand to keep his hands off the blond any longer when he was looking like that. And besides, Japa couldn’t have but one or two more songs to play anyway; they were already a song into the encore. He knew that the hardest part for Jonne would be the cab ride to Japa’s place – though he thought it would also be fun to see if Jonne could keep quiet while being teased mercilessly in the backseat…

He started to kiss Jonne on the couch in the dressing room, wanting him as wound up as possible by the time Japa got offstage; he knew that Jonne was irresistible when he was horny. Not that he thought he’d have any trouble convincing his friend, but still… It didn’t hurt to have a little insurance.

By the time the band came backstage, Kris had Jonne whining for friction already. With a sly grin, he detached himself from the blond and went to give Japa a hug, grinning at him.

Japa gave him a weird look, and Kristian could feel him being somehow cold; probably because Japa was not used to Kristian being so touchy with him when Jonne was around. “Don’t bring your boner to me, when you’ve just been making out with him!” his friend laughed, obviously having no idea what he was in for.

Kris shot Jonne an ‘I’ve-got-this-one-in-the-bag’ look, over Japa’s shoulder, then grinned at his friend. “Why don’t we go back to your place for some drinks, hm?”

“What about your needy little boytoy over there?” Japa asked, giving Kristian a teasing raise of his eyebrows.

“Oh, he’ll wait,” said Kristian, smirking evilly.

Kristian found the cabride to Japa’s flat quite entertaining, to say the least. He sat between the two, kissing Jonne’s neck whilst his fingers strayed to play at Japa’s hipbone; the greatest weakness for both of them. They were both fidgeting a lot due to Kristian’s treatments, and it had been a long time since Kristian had seen Japa reduced to such a state; though it was fairly easy but nonetheless enjoyable to get Jonne there. He, of course, sat there grinning like he was god’s gift, and who could blame him under the circumstances – with both Jonne and Japa wanting to rip his clothes off right there in the backseat and fuck the hell out of him. He knew he was in for it when they got back to Japa’s…

He half-expected to be jumped, but Japa seemed to have no idea what was going on and Jonne knew that he needed to give Kristian the space to get him what he wanted; he had faith in his lover. They’d all gotten their jackets off and Kristian and Jonne had made themselves comfortable on Japa’s black leather couch, while Japa had taken the matching chair across from them. Jonne kept watching him, and Kristian could still see the want shining clearly in his eyes; Jonne was sizing him up like a steak at the meat market. He chuckled at the analogy in his head; he had to wonder that Japa had not noticed any of it.

“Come with me to the kitchen, Japa, we’ll get some drinks,” Kristian said finally, giving Jonne a telling glance. He stood up, and to his surprise, Japa followed with little protest, falling right into the trap.

He even managed to get Japa to do a couple of shots of whiskey before he made his proposition, which he thought would get his friend nice and loosened up. When he felt that Japa was relaxed enough, he made his move. The darkhaired guitarist was looking at the clock with his head turned, and it made his hair fall back from his neck just perfectly, exposing his skin, and Kristian couldn’t resist kissing there.

To his pleasant surprise, Japa enjoyed it for a few moments before it seemed like he’d registered what was going on and then pushed Kristian away firmly. “What are you doing tonight, Kristian? Your boyfriend is right there, keep your hands off me.”

“My boyfriend wants you to fuck him into the bed, I’m doing this for him,” Kristian purred evilly, going after Japa’s neck again.

Japa was so busy trying to fight him off that at first, he didn’t realize what Kristian had said. Then he completely stopped, blinking wide-eyed at Kristian, dumbfounded. “Say that again?”

“My. Boyfriend. Wants. You. To. Fuck. Him. Into. The. Bed.” Kristian repeated, grinning at Japa.

Japa raised an intrigued eyebrow. “And you want to watch, is that it?”

“I want to participate,” Kristian corrected, his hands on Japa’s hips now, sliding them up underneath his shirt. Japa tried to suppress a shudder, but failed. And the harder he tried, the more he found that no excuse was really good enough for him to blow off having Kris and Jonne at the same time. He melted under Kristian’s touch, allowing the kisses to his neck now, even arching so that Kristian could have better access and allowing himself a small, breathy moan.

“I don’t suppose I can say no to that…”

“Good, because I’ve got Jonne all warmed up and squirming in there for you,” Kristian growled into his ear, nipping at it, then soothing it with lips and tongue, before pulling Japa’s shirt off and tossing it to the kitchen floor carelessly. “He gets absolutely fucking beautiful when he’s hot.”

With that, Kristian led Japa back into the livingroom by his belt loops, and Jonne had already known that when Kristian came back he would have what he wanted. He was smirking as Kris brought Japa back through the livingroom and toward his bedroom, lips on the other guitarist’s ear, gesturing for Jonne to follow. The three made it to the bed, and Kris made sure that Jonne ended up between he and Japa. He urged Jonne to kiss Japa’s neck now, and Japa let out a little sound, obviously a little more pleased by the blond’s kisses than he had been by Kristian’s. And Kristian wasn’t at all surprised; he knew better than anyone that Jonne had a wonderful little mouth on him and had quite a talent for seeking out and capitalizing on weak spots.

He watched Japa get more and more turned-on until the guitarist sought out Jonne’s lips, tentative. He just tasted Jonne’s lips at first, but the blond encouraged him with little flicks of his tongue until Japa was kissing him hungrily and open mouthed, one hand sliding under Jonne’s shirt and the other resting on his obscenely tight jeans, just inches from the rapidly-growing bulge there.

Kristian smiled, watching; because Jonne was getting exactly what he wanted, and when Jonne got what he wanted, he got loud and animalistic – he could see it building already. He interrupted the two only long enough to pull Jonne’s shirt over his head, and Japa’s hands eagerly roamed the newly exposed skin of his stomach, while Kristian’s hands explored down his back.

Japa slid down a little and started to kiss Jonne’s chest, letting his tongue tease Jonne’s pierced nipple, giving it a gentle tug with his teeth. Jonne mewled in response, his body alive with sensation because both of Kristian’s hands and both of Japa’s were touching his skin, teasing, ghosting, fluttering, tickling, making him shudder.

Kristian took over kissing Jonne, and he could feel the blond letting out little breathy moans into his mouth as he leaned back to return the kiss. One of Kristian’s hands went around to the front of Jonne’s jeans, rubbing him through the obscenely tight denim, earning himself a low moan from the blond. He saw Japa greedily watching what he was doing and Jonne’s reaction to it, and unfastened the blond’s jeans – hearing Jonne sigh in relief as his erection sprang free – then reaching for Japa’s hand with his own and wrapping around his shaft, encouraging Japa to touch Jonne.

Those beautiful, elegant, black-nailed guitarist fingers that he had admired earlier curled around Jonne, stroking him deftly, earning a few sounds that said Jonne was more than ready for this to go a little further, already. Kristian pulled Jonne’s jeans the rest of the way off while Japa kept stroking him, kissing him again.

Kristian then took off his own shirt and jeans, climbing back into the bed and running his hands down Jonne’s sides, letting the blond feel his hardness pressing against his ass. He took himself in hand and rubbed himself against Jonne’s entrance. He heard both Jonne and Japa moan this time; because Jonne dug his nails into Japa when he did so; something Kristian knew the darkhaired guitarist had always liked.

Jonne’s fingers were fumbling at Japa’s jeans immediately, hardly able to get them off fast enough. But somehow, he managed. As soon as he had Japa naked, Jonne had straddled him on the bed, grinding his hips down to slide his hard length against Japa’s, both of them moaning at the sensation. He rocked his hips like that for a while, digging his nails into Japa’s hip, the other hand reaching between them to rub their engorged cocks together more fully.

“I want you to fuck me,” Jonne said finally, his voice breathy and dark. “I want you to fuck me into the mattress, Japa.”

Japa immediately looked to Kristian – who was watching the whole scene with black, lustful eyes – for permission.

“What are you looking at me for? He’s begging you for it; you wouldn’t want to disappoint him, would you? He’s fantastic when he’s like this, believe me. Not something you want to pass up…”

That was consent enough for Japa, and the darkhaired guitarist reached to his bedside table for a bottle of lube and a condom.

“Are you clean?” Jonne asked, gesturing to the condom.

“Well, yes, but…”

“He likes to feel it inside him, when you come,” Kristian interjected, fluttering his fingers over both of Jonne’s hipbones at the same time, tracing the lines of his hips. This caused the blond to shudder on the bed, his cock twitching proudly, red and swollen and straining against his belly; he had had enough teasing, since Kristian had been after him all night, and he wanted Japa so badly that it literally ached.

“Are you hungry for it, Jonne?” Japa asked, his voice almost a purr. “Do you want my cock?”

Jonne let out a deep moan, his hand wrapping around himself, pulling at his cock desperately. He needed friction, and he wasn’t getting it. “God, yes,” he gasped, watching as Japa squeezed a bit of lube onto his fingers, pulling his knees up in anticipation, wishing Japa would move faster.

Japa took a moment to first appreciate the sensitive, hairless skin just behind Jonne’s balls, stroking with playful, fluttering fingers, earning himself an “ohgod” before letting his finger circle his entrance, still teasing. Jonne’s muscles clenched in anticipation, Japa could see it, and as he slid the first finger in he had to coax Jonne – who was still touching himself – to relax, peppering the blond’s inner thighs with wet, burning kisses.

Kristian now kneeled on the bed beside Jonne, taking himself in hand, slapping himself against Jonne’s pink lips a couple of times. Jonne made a pleased sound and turned to kiss the head, one hand going to Kristian’s hips and pulling him forward, encouraging him to fuck his mouth. The other was still desperately pulling at himself; he couldn’t stop – he needed the friction. Japa had two fingers in him now, and crooked them to brush over Jonne’s prostate a couple of times in a row purposefully, feeling that Jonne wasn’t paying enough attention to him.

Jonne moaned from deep in his chest, the sound shuddering through Kristian. Japa scissored his fingers inside Jonne a couple more times before deciding that the blond was prepared enough; he was practically shaking with need to feel that tight heat enveloping him. Jonne was a beautiful sight at that moment, eyes closed, taking Kristian all the way down his throat, pulling at himself, writhing and squirming on the bed – Japa knew he needed to be fucked. He squeezed a bit more of the lube into his palm and coated himself, not bothering with the condom; he was sure Jonne would have told him if there was a reason he needed to wear it. And the thought that there would be nothing between his cock and the burning heat of Jonne’s insides made him ache.

He positioned Jonne’s legs around his waist and pressed the head of his cock to Jonne’s puckered entrance, using his hips to push himself forward, thrusting, careful not to be too rough on the blond; he wanted to fuck him, not hurt him. Jonne had stopped touching himself for a moment to enjoy the feeling, and had taken Kristian in hand so that Japa could hear his moans, his face twisted with pleasure as he felt Japa stretch him. He thrust all the way in, filling Jonne to the hilt, and Jonne gasped, needing a minute to adjust; Japa was big, bigger than Kristian, bigger than what he was used to. It would be good, he knew, but it hurt a little now. Kristian sensed his discomfort and crawled down his body, kneeling over Jonne’s cock and taking it into his mouth, his face inches from Japa’s belly as the raven-haired guitarist started to move again – already the two of them were eliciting sounds from Jonne the likes of which Kristian had never heard come from him before; and that was saying a lot. Jonne had not imagined such pleasure, Japa thrusting dead into his prostate, making his cock weep, Kristian’s tongue circling the head of him, licking it up like it was the sweetest thing he’d ever tasted.

“Kris, slow down,” he mewled, pulling at Kristian’s hair, trying to lift his mouth off his cock. “I want to enjoy this, but with the two of you on me like this I’m going to come right now, fuck.”

Kristian chuckled around him and pulled away with one last, fleeting lick, kissing his way back up Jonne’s body until he reached his lips, kissing him deeply, letting him taste himself on his tongue. Jonne eagerly slid his tongue against Kristian’s, licking his own precome from his lover’s mouth, at the same time tossing his legs over Japa’s shoulders, wanting him to get at his prostate deeper and harder.

“Fuck me harder, Japa,” he managed to gasp out, scratching his nails down Japa’s back hard, leaving a series of long red scratchmarks in his wake.

Japa growled and took a moment to move Jonne onto his side, one hand on his shaft as he thrust forward into the blond, shoving himself directly into his spot.

“You like it hard, Jonne? Are you a whore for my cock?” Japa growled, slamming into Jonne’s body now.

“Fuck yes, I’m your whore, ohgod, just don’t stop….”

Incredibly turned on by the whole scene, Kristian moved so that Jonne could access his cock again, pressing it to Jonne’s lips, which were more swollen than he’d ever seen them from the way he’d been gnawing at them, and from Kristian’s kisses earlier. Jonne immediately licked the drop of precome from his slit, taking the swollen, aching head into his mouth, and Kristian sighed in relief. He had known this would be hot, but he hadn’t known his body would respond to it in such a way, that he would throb with want the way he was, the way that could only be helped by Jonne’s wet, hot mouth around him, and the sweet friction of his tongue sliding against him.

Kristian started to fuck his mouth at a much more rapid pace and he felt Jonne relax his throat so that he could do so without needing to gag. The blond hollowed his cheeks and started to purr around him like a kitten being stroked behind the ears, and the way Japa was fucking him now, Kristian was sure that was an accurate comparison. He could hear Japa’s balls slapping against the pale skin of Jonne’s ass and it only made him want to move faster, closer and closer to getting off.

Finally, Jonne gave a particularly deep moan around him and Kristian couldn’t hold back any longer; he came with a gasped cry of Jonne’s name, shooting straight down the singer’s throat. Jonne took it all, swallowing so that he didn’t choke on it, making sure Kristian was completely finished before he let him slip from his mouth. Kristian rubbed himself against Jonne’s red, swollen lips, milking the last few pearly white drops out of himself and letting them fall onto them, watching as Jonne’s pink tongue eagerly darted out to lick them up.

He sat back and watched, now, knowing from the sound of things that neither Jonne nor Japa would last much longer. Jonne was louder than ever, and Japa had started to let out a series of deep moans, moans like Kristian had never heard come from Japa before, moans that made a few little aftershocks shudder through him, enough that he had to give his spent cock a few more indulgent tugs.

“Make him come, Japa,” he breathed into his guitarist friend’s ear, giving it a little nibble – he knew that drove Japa crazy. “I want to watch him shoot his load all over the place.”

Japa’s thrusts got harder, and he and Kristian were both surprised when Jonne pushed him onto his back, having apparently decided that he could get off best if he was riding him. His legs were shaking as he bounced in Japa’s lap; he could feel his orgasm building in his stomach, he was so incredibly close.

“Harder Japa, just a bit more… give me your cock, I need it,” Jonne mewled desperately, and Japa started to thrust his hips up hard to meet Jonne. Kristian lowered his mouth over Jonne again at the same time, and it took Jonne by surprise so much so that he was hardly able to shout the warning of “gonna… come… fuck!” as his entire body clenched and then released so suddenly, his balls letting go of everything they had to give into Kristian’s mouth, Japa’s cock still buried in him, thrusting up hard into his prostate, pulling him down on his cock, milking it out of him. Jonne was shouting something completely incoherent, something that sounded like a mix of the names of his two lovers, something that he wasn’t sure if it was Finnish or English or both – nor did he care, really, because he was coming so hard he felt like he really had exploded; he had to look down to make sure his cock was still there, and the sight that greeted him – Kristian licking him clean, his come running down his chin – was so incredibly fucking beautiful that he shot one more stream onto Kristian’s cheek. Kristian dipped his finger in it and licked it off, closing his eyes and savoring the taste.

Watching that brought Japa off, and he came deep inside Jonne with a deep, throaty groan, remembering that that was what the blond had wanted, what he had asked for. Jonne felt the heat of it and it was so sudden and unexpected that it made him shiver, his drained cock giving a pitiful twitch of arousal as Japa rode it out, and he tightened his inner muscles a few times to help finish Japa completely.

Japa pulled out and Kristian watched the come drip out of Jonne with greedy eyes, and as Jonne collapsed back to the bed he buried himself between Jonne’s legs and licked every bit of Japa from his hole, finding the guitarist’s taste sharp and very different from Jonne’s. Jonne moaned as Kristian licked, feeling completely spent but the waves of pleasure from it still went straight to his poor, abused cock. When Kristian was finished, he slid up to kiss Jonne, wanting him to know what Japa tasted like, expertly flicking his tongue to penetrate Jonne’s mouth, sharing it with his lover. Jonne moaned at the taste; it was a little more bitter than Kristian, but it fit, somehow, and he wanted more of it, but it was gone.

The three of them lay there panting after that, all of them equally exhausted by their little tryst. Japa was asleep in no time and Kristian pulled Jonne into his arms, cuddling him.

“Did you get what you wanted, my wicked little minx?” he purred softly, kissing Jonne’s ear.

“Mhm,” Jonne murmured sleepily, very close to drifting off himself. “Thank you, Kris. I love you.”

“I love you too, my beautiful, perfect Jonne.”

That was the last thing Jonne heard, and Kristian smiled at the two of them, Jonne and Japa, both of them asleep, Japa laying on the other side of Jonne with his head half on his chest. And Jonne had fallen asleep with his head buried in the crook of Kristian’s arm.

Kristian smiled. They had all gotten what they wanted; Jonne had gotten fucked into the mattress by Japa, Japa had seen the wicked side of Jonne for the first time – his friend had admitted to him once how he wanted to see the supposed wicked side of Jonne; he didn’t believe he existed, because normally the blond was so innocent. But not in bed, certainly not. If anything, Jonne was quite the slut when it came to sex; he loved it. And Kristian had gotten to watch the entire thing unfold; he thought that made him the luckiest one of the three of them, especially since he’d gotten Jonne’s mouth on him too; what a fabulous, talented little mouth his wicked boyfriend had… Just before he drifted off, he decided that he hoped that maybe, in the morning, they could go for round two.