"Voices In The Wind"
by Jay

Larry sighed, leaning back into the large oak tree behind him. Fluffy white sheep surrounded him, baaing softly as the wind rustled their wool and chomping peacefully on the lush green grass.

The day was quiet, and serene, much like it always was, but above the soft hiss of the wind, and the hushed baying of the animals, he heard something else. Perking up his ears, Larry listened. A soft twinkling sound reached him. Furrowing his brow, Larry thought he was hearing things. With a shake of his head, he went back to watching his sheep.

Then it came again.

A light, twinkling giggle floated on the breeze towards him, and he looked around, wrinkling his nose confusedly. When the giggle sounded again, he was sure he’d gone crazy.

”Looking for me?” a voice giggled from above him.

Larry’s head snapped up, searching the tree above him until he saw a slim figure among the branches.

”Hello,” it said, waving down at him.

”Hello,” Larry replied warily, not sure of what it was.

He’d heard of sprites and fairies being spotted in the woods and thereabouts, but he’d never believed them.

The thing jumped down from its perch in the tree, and landed cross-legged beside him, grinning.

With a better look at the creature, Larry observed its sparkling blue eyes and long blonde hair in matted clumps around its face. Leaves were tangled somewhere among the mess, and along with its smile, made it look dashing, charming and playful.

”What are you doing?” it asked.

”I’m tending my sheep, what does it look like I’m doing?” Larry snapped at it, scared somewhat, and unsure of what to do.

He wasn’t sure what the creature would or could do to him.

For a moment, something swirled in its eyes, but then it smiled.

”Don’t be afraid,” it said, “I’m not going to hurt you,”

”I’m not afraid,” Larry snapped, turning away, “Now leave me alone, you, I’m trying to tend to my sheep.”

”Well you’re not doing a very good job,” it giggled, “This isn’t a good place to take them. There’s a very hungry wolf in those woods, and I just came here to warn you,”

”A hungry wolf?” Larry asked, glancing over his shoulder.

It nodded. “Mhm. A very hungry wolf. He’ll eat anything really. He’s fat though, so he’s not very fast. But then again, neither are sheep, are they?” The creature looked off into the sky for a moment, pondering, and then continued, “He’ll get them anyways. He’s sneaky.”

”How do you know?” Larry wondered, still watching the thing, hoping he wouldn’t get tricked.

Sprites and forest beings were notorious for their playfulness and trickery.

”I know everything about this forest. I do live here after all,” it rolled its eyes, smiling.

”What are you, anyways?” he asked.

The thing looked at him with a quirked eyebrow.

”A nymph. Why?” he asked.

A nymph. Insatiable creatures, they were. He wondered how the rest of this would play out.

”A nymph. I see. Do you have a name?” he asked again.

”Jonne. Jonne Sparkle.” He announced, maneuvering himself so that he was now straddling Larry’s waist, “And you are Larry.”

”I am,” he nodded.

He looked into the nymphs blue eyes, swirling with magic. He felt dizzy for a moment, and suddenly found himself very turned on. This being’s small, lithe body was poised in his lap, ready to do things for him he knew he’d never forget. It’s creamy, soft skin was under his fingertips, warm and smelling of a sweet spring morning, already quivering under his touch. His eyes glazed over with lust and he saw the nymph smile satisfiedly.

”Do you find me attractive, Larry?” he asked innocently, bucking his hips against the shepherds.

Larry moaned gently, nodding. Jonne smiled.

”Good. Because you’re going to make love to me,” he purred in his ear.

Larry growled softly and nodded again, causing Jonne to smirk. Letting his hands travel lower, Jonne slipped his nimble fingers under the waist of his pants and then lower to grip his member, stroking it quick and hard for a moment, causing Larry to cry out. The nymphs touch was amazing. It tingled and hummed, causing pleasure to surge through every fiber of his body.

The nymph was already naked, his small, thin, lithe body poised in his lap. He grinned and elevated himself, and let his grasp slip from Larry’s shaft, before forcing himself down, impaling himself on Larry’s dick. Both of them cried out at this, the nymph arching his back and letting his mouth drop open, and Larry clenching his teeth, gripping the nymph’s hips tightly. The nymph whimpered and lifted itself again, slamming itself down onto Larry. It moaned and groaned, throwing its head back. Larry panted, moaning, gripping its hips and moving it faster up and down on his cock. Jonne, the nymph, didn’t seem to mind, and it gripped his shoulders, whimpering and making small pleasured noises. Its skin was sparkling with pleasure, and it looked down at Larry with blue eyes swirling colors of the summer sky reflected in a clear blue pond glittering in the sunshine. As it pulled Larry in for a kiss and Larry moaned into his mouth, his taste driving him wild; he tasted like sunshine and the stars, drown in the sweetest nectar. Larry kissed him back hard and started to move him faster. Jonne moved his hand down to his own cock, stroking it as he kissed Larry. Larry felt his release soon approaching as he saw the beautiful sight before him: this gorgeous nymph pleasuring himself, his pale skin glittering, his perfect pink lips open, sweet smelling breath panting over them. He groaned and kissed him again, and pulled the nymph harder and faster down onto him. Soon the little creature was whimpering and crying out and his body started to glow pleasantly. Its body started to tremble and soon it was cumming onto Larry’s chest, taking Larry with it. Suddenly, a shudder of amazing pleasure went through Larry and he cried out loud. It was honestly the best feeling he’d ever had in his entire life. It was the most intense and longest orgasm he’d ever had, and once he was finished, it left him reeling. His world spun and he leaned against the tree, panting hard, whimpering softly, slipping in and out of consciousness. The last thing he heard before his body succumbed to pleasant blackness was a soft twinkling giggle...


When he finally came to, it was twilight and his head was still spinning slightly. He groaned and sat up. He saw that he was re-dressed, and the only trace of the nymph was a sweet scent wafting in the air and glitter on his chest. Running a hand through his messy curls, Larry looked around. His mossy-greenish brown orbs widened though as they scanned over the pasture, seeing that it was devoid of sheep.

”Wha..? No!” he cried out. “Damn you nymph!”

Then, floating to him on the breeze was a soft, airy, twinkling, mocking giggle...

~The End~