"Whiskey Passion"
by Janie Jaded

Jonne kicked back and finished off his whiskey. The band had spent all week in the spotlight, doing interviews and TV spots and numerous gigs around Tampere. Now it was time to relax. Jonne had dived right into R&R, but it seemed Christus was having a wee bit of trouble relaxing. He was on Jonne's couch (where he was sleeping while his place was getting renovated), strumming his guitar. He was working on a new song, and was getting frustrated because it wasn't coming out right. Jonne finished his whiskey and grabbed the bottle, standing and walking over to the couch. He set the bottle on the coffee table, and gentle pulled the guitar from Christus, who was cursing under his breath.

Jonne set the guitar in its stand in the corner, and walked back to a now lounging-with-whiskey Christus. He smiled and moved Christus' arms, then crawled into his lap and loosely wrapped his arms around his neck. Christus raised an eyebrow.
"Someone's in a good mood."
Jonne smiled wide and shrugged his shoulders, pushing Christus's hair (or what was left of it) out of his face. He leaned in and pressed his warm moist lips against Christus's whiskey-tainted lips. When he pulled back, Christus again raised a brow.
"Why did you do that?"
"Why not?" Replied Jonne, before he dipped down and stole a more passionate kiss. Christus sat up more without breaking the kiss, and managed to set the whiskey on the coffee table before wrapping his arms tightly around Jonne. Jonne drew in a sharp breath when he felt Christus roll his hips upwards. He pulled away and bent his head down, nipping at the soft flesh at Jonne's neck. Jonne shivered and closed his eyes, rolling his head back. Christus fumbled for the bottom of Jonne's shirt, and when he found it, he pulled it up and over Jonne's head. After throwing it somewhere on the floor, he easily picked the thin blonde up and laid him on his back on the couch. Christus straddled him and took of his own shirt before leaning down and biting hard on Jonne's nipple. Jonne groaned and raked his nails up the older mans back. Kissing down his stomach, Christus eagerly worked at the button and zipper of Jonne's jeans. When he finally unfastened them, he tugged them off and threw those to the floor, too, and was greeted with the sight of Jonne's swelling hard-on. He licked along the underside of Jonne's cock before moving his mouth over the top, sucking passionately on the head before he took the rest into his mouth. Jonne whimpered and moaned and arched his back, parting his legs up and around Christus's shoulders. Christus took Jonne fully into his mouth and moaned around him, swirling his tongue along his cock while he moved back towards the head. Jonne pushed himself up into sitting position on the couch and pulled Christus up to his mouth, pushing his tongue past Christus's lips while his long, skilled fingers quickly unfastened Christus's pants.
The two moaned into the kiss and rolled onto the floor. Christus managed to pull his pants off and leave them behind as their fingers explored each others bodies feverishly and their tongues wrestled wildly. Christus stood and pulled Jonne up with him. He pushed him against the wall hard and continued with the exploration of his mouth before he lifted the blonde up by the hips and pressed him against the wall. Jonne watched eagerly as Christus positioned himself at Jonne's waiting entrance, and then drew in a sharp breath when he felt him enter. Christus moaned and bit at Jonne's neck. Jonned rolled his hips around and tightend against Christus's hard cock, causing the moans he was drawing from him to grow louder.
"Ohgod...faster.." Jonne panted between moans as Christus's thrust grew harder and faster. Jonne wrapped his arm around Christus's shoulder, his other hand was pushed flat against Christus's chest. Christus repositioned himself and got a better hold on Jonne before he continued giving Jonne wall-burn. He felt his legs growing weaker beneath him, and knew that he was close. He knew Jonne was, too, by the way Jonne tightened around him.
"Nn..fuck, Jonne.. I'm gonna cum...!" Fair warning before he actually did so, cumming hard into Jonne, making Jonne scream out his name before he, too, came, all over his stomach.

Christus lifted Jonne up off his cock before setting him down. Jonne slid down the wall to the floor, and Christus joined him. Panting, Jonne rested against Christus, who was attempting to regain a regular breathing pattern. Christus wrapped his arms around the slightly sweaty blonde and took in a deep breath, holding it a second before slowly exhaling.

The two sat in silence for a few long moments before Jonne lifted his head and smiled up at Christus.
"We need to take breaks more often."

~The End~